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Software Testing Advisory Services

PerfTestPlus will provide an expert to assess and advise you on various aspects of your software testing process, practice, management, effectiveness and/or goals. Our experts have a wealth of client experiences and are believers in Context-Driven testing. Simply put, this means that our advising consultants:

  • might not have seen it all, but they sure have seen a lot

  • are skilled at applying what they have learned in a way that works for you

  • leave their biases at home and treat every client as unique (i.e. Context-Driven)

  • don’t try to get you to fix it if it ain’t broke

  • have no hidden sales agenda

  • put your success first

  • strive to enable you to make informed decisions rather than push you in a particular direction

  • have diverse networks of individual experts to call on if they need a second opinion

PerfTestPlus consultants who provide advisory services:

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