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Educating Testers and Managers

PerfTestPlus only uses instructors who are expert practitioners trained in teaching software testing.  Our training is designed to be thought provoking and interactive. Rather than instructing you in our favorite technique or approach and calling it a "best practice", PerfTestPlus instructors provide you with the tools and methods you need to resolve your challenges and improve your techniques. While we may present you with new approaches and techniques, only you can decide what is really best in your context.

Three day class currently being offered:

One day classes currently being offered:

  • Scott Barber's Principles Of Performance (Designed for Managers and Executives)
  • Scott Barber's Analyzing Performance Test Results Data
  • Scott Barber's Performance Testing the Front-End
  • Scott Barber's Modeling Application Usage Visually with UCML™
  • Custom combinations of any of the sub-topics from current classes.

Two day classes currently being offered:

  • Scott BarberĀ“s Performance Testing Software Systems: An Introduction

Extended courses coming soon:

  • Scott Barber's Performance Testing Software Systems; Applied (Using client's tool of choice)

In addition to the training above, PerfTestPlus will build a custom blend of training and mentoring that we call coaching for your test team. During coaching, students spend the first half of the day learning and the second half of the day applying what they have learned on their current project with the instructor coaching their implementation.

PerfTestPlus consultants who provide educational services:


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