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Friends of PerfTestPlus

PerfTestPlus is as selective about who we support as friends as we are about who we form alliances with. Unlike our allies, we may not have an official business relationship with our friends, but we do regularly collaborate with and support our friends. Further, PerfTestPlus is proud to recommend the services of our friends.

Michael Bolton of DevelopSense - Michael Bolton provides training and consulting services in software testing.

Jonathan Kohl of Kohl Concepts Inc.- Based in Calgary, Alberta, Jonathan Kohl offers software testing consulting services for software development and IT teams.

James Lyndsay of Workroom Productions - James Lyndsay is the principal consultant for Workroom Productions, a small, London based consultancy specializing in the creation of test strategies for software products.

Jon Bach of Quardev Laboratories - Jon Bach is the man in charge of the "Research" part of Quardev, which is a contraction of the words Quality Assurance, Research, and Development.

Mike Bonar of Velocity Testing - Mike Bonar has over 15 years of experience in the IT industry, most of it at IBM Canada. He has experience in every aspect of the IT business including project management, architecture, sales, operations, and application development.

Better Software - It's project management, measurement and metrics, design and architecture, test and evaluation. It's Agile methods, CMM™ and requirements-driven processes, software process improvement, business value, and ROI, as well as coverage on emerging technologies. It’s special reports, salary surveys, and a steady stream of ideas for software professionals who care about quality. - is the online community devoted to developing, deploying and maintaining quality software. Offering learning guides, expert advice, white papers, product downloads, and more great resources, is a one-stop shop for senior architects and project managers seeking insight and analysis on requirements, design, testing/QA, bug tracking and the entire software development lifecycle.

Software Test and Performance Conference - Brought to you by Redwood Media, Software Test & Performance Conference is possibly the best public conference for technical testers.

Verify/ATI Conference - As disciplines of testing and test automation continue to grow, it becomes necessary for it's professionals to keep pace with that growth. Participate in the Verify/ATI conference to learn new skills, gain insight on how others perform testing and test automation activities, increase your personal knowledge, help to grow your organization and much, much more!

DevelopSense; Michael Bolton

Michael provides training and consulting services in software testing. In particular, he teaches James Bach's Rapid Software Testing course. he is aligned with the Context-Driven School of Software Testing.

  • Testing is questioning a product in order to evaluate it.

  • Rapid testing is the fastest, least expensive testing that fills the mission.

"Michael has a knack for using mental exercises to get you to not only look outside of your box, but to throw your box away in favor of creative problem solving. If he can't challenge your testing paradigms, then you must not want them challenged. Every moment I spend with Michael makes me a better tester."

-- Scott Barber


Kohl Concepts; Jonathan Kohl

Jonathan specializes in software testing, and is a member of the Context-Driven Testing School. "I've recently explored testing on agile projects. For more information on agile development, check out the Agile Alliance. Lately, my focus has been on skilled testing. I also contribute to an Open Source web testing tool using Ruby."

"Jonathan is a quiet thinker who will casually blog about a testing idea that causes a stir across the thought leaders in the software testing industry. Visit his site often and you will come to admire his humble brilliance as I have."

-- Scott Barber


Workroom Productions is a small, London based consultancy. We specialise in the creation of test strategies for software products, and can help you to:

  • Improve your software development processes

  • Assess third-party deliverables and outsourced testing

  • Get the most from tools, training and your staff

  • Devise an effective strategy for software testing and QA

Coaching is key to consultancy, and in addition we offer:

  • On site, hands-on training in agile test techniques, data and management.

  • A unique mentoring scheme, giving six months unlimited phone and email access for a fixed fee. Numbers are strictly limited.

"Nevermind what his website says, James Lyndsay is among the best teachers of Exploratory Testing in the world. ;) Intelligent, thoughtful, enjoyable to be around and quick to invite you to the pub once the day's work is done, James is always on the top of my list of friends to see when I visit the UK."

-- Scott Barber


Quardev; Jon Bach

Instill Confidence for Your Next Release

Quardev Laboratories provides world-class Software and Web Testing Services with unsurpassed client care at an excellent value. We partner with development companies to ensure that products are released on time, in budget, and that those products are of the highest quality on the market.

Create Excellent Jobs for Excellent People

We understand that the people make the organization. We strive to recruit the best of the best in the Software Testing industry and then retain our staff through competitive salaries and a great work environment.

Look to the Future

Quardev Laboratories is consistently building the skills and knowledge of our team and the flexibility of our testing environment in a proactive effort to remain on the cutting edge of technological advances.

"Jon Bach is among the elite researchers in training software testing in the world. His testing lab is staffed by testers that he has trained personally. I am proud to call Jon my friend, and honored to be among his collaborators."

-- Scott Barber


Welcome to Velocity Testing

We provide automated performance testing of complex enterprise web applications. We help you ensure your applications are ready to perform for your customers. We'll help you find your bottlenecks, and we'll help you scale your applications.

"Teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime"

We also do training. Software requires many releases before it achieves perfection, and each release requires more testing. We can teach your staff performance testing methodology and help ease your dependence on outside consultants.

It's all about choices

Large enterprises have many applications and many teams to build and support them. We provide test management services, and we will help you develop your test plans for functional, integration, user acceptance, and performance testing. We help bring your teams together so that your software is ready on time.

"I have worked with Mike as a peer and collaborator for nearly five years. I have always found him to be friendly, thoughtful and open with his thoughts and ideas. He is a rare breed who quickly and appropriately applies his technical knowledge and life experiences to efficiently solve technical problems. I'm happy recommending Mike for any project he feels he can successfully accomplish."

-- Scott Barber


Better Software is the magazine for software professionals who care about quality. Each issue brings you relevant, timely information to help you build better software. Continuing to deliver in-depth articles on testing, tools, defect tracking, metrics, and management, it’s the only commercial magazine exclusively dedicated to software professionals. Within the pages of each issue you’ll find heavy hitting articles about solutions to common management problems, coverage of emerging technologies, and more. You'll benefit from expert analysis and real-world case studies in the areas of Testing & Analysis, Managing People & Teams, and Tools & Techniques.

Better Software is published nine times per year by Software Quality Engineering. As an added bonus active subscribers also receive an annual Tools and Services Directory and an exclusive annual Salary Survey. Get your hands on these valuable resources by subscribing today.

"If you're new to software testing, or started before anyone had ever heard of 'e-mail' there is something in every issue for you. Better Software is the best single source to find out what others are up to in software testing today. Undoubtedly worth the time to read."

-- Scott Barber

Top is the online community devoted to developing, deploying and maintaining quality software. Offering learning guides, expert advice, white papers, product downloads, and more great resources, is a one-stop shop for senior architects and project managers seeking insight and analysis on requirements, design, testing/QA, bug tracking and the entire software development lifecycle.

"These folks have recruited some top talent in Mike Kelly and Karen Johnson as contributers. Even though the site is new, the parent company has been around for quite a while and it already has some high quality content. "

-- Scott Barber


ST&P Conference: The next Software Test & Performance Conference will be held October 2-4, 2007, in Boston, MA.

"These Redword Media guys really know how to put together conferences (and I'm not just saying that because they keep inviting me back)! The quality and near seamless match between the content and the consumers of the content is fantastic. If you're not familiar with the conference, I highly recommend it!"

-- Scott Barber

Verify/ATI Testing and Test Automation Conference, organized by Verify and the Automated Testing Institute, this conference provides a platform for attendees to learn strategies, techniques and best practices from peers and leaders in their field, and valuable networking opportunities. This conference is beneficial for software test engineers, software test automators, application developers, project managers, product managers, business analysst and security engineers.

"This is not the only conference for testers I know of in the Washington D.C. area, but it's a very well done event. I recommend it -- especially if you are local to the event!"

-- Scott Barber

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