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Friends & Allies


PerfTestPlus is extremely selective in who we work and form alliances with. We will only work with companies and individuals that exemplify the highest standards of ethics, integrity and quality of service.


We believe that our clients shouldn't have to demand that our services be valuable, we believe they should expect them to be valuable! Unlike the joke where the consultant charges a fee to steal the client's watch to tell the client what time it is, we won't enter a contract if we aren't confident that we can provide real value to the client.

Strategic Alliances

PerfTestPlus stands behind the work or our allies. While we are certain that you will never have a complaint with any of these companies, if you do, let us know and we will help you resolve the problem.


We simply don't understand the corporate attitude that leads to isolation and bitter competition between companies that would serve their clients better if they collaborated. We find it to be professionally beneficial, as well as personally rewarding, to work *with* other companies we respect. in fact, we enjoy collaborating with our friends and allies.

Affiliated Organizations

PerfTestPlus supports the efforts of several non-profit and informal organizations with whom we share values.

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