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Software Testing Consulting Services

Our staff and allies provide software testing consulting services that defy the near ubiquitous notion that consultants “come in, look around, tell you what you already know and expect to get paid for it.” PerfTestPlus consultants believe that it is our role to provide expertise that you lack or don’t have access to. We believe that in most cases, we should start adding value on day one. PerfTestPlus views the keys to successful consulting as:

  • understanding and internalizing the context and needs of our client and their clients

  • stop the bleeding first, then diagnose the other symptoms

  • immersion, integration and acceptance into your team

  • leveraging skills, experience, personal & professional networks and other resources to accomplish the task at hand

  • apply consulting lessons from paradigmatic, ethical, successful consultants such as Jerry Weinberg

PerfTestPlus won’t try to place a software testing consultant when what you need is just a little temporary assistance to execute a plan that you feel is appropriate and effective. In our view, consultants should be reserved for tasks where they can put their experience and expertise to use in ways that add value to the project… even after they leave.

PerfTestPlus consultants who provide consulting services:


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