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When PerfTestPlus staff isn't busy delivering services to clients, we can often be found writing papers, presenting or collaborating with our friends and alliances to increase our skills, knowledge and make the lessons we've learned from our experiences publicly available. Unlike many other services organizations, PerfTestPlus doesn't hide behind "trade secrecy", we speak, write and publish papers. This section of our web site has exactly one purpose; to be a permanent, publicly available archive of our articles, presentations, links and other resources.

Check back often, we are continually adding new material.

Articles and Publications

Dozens of articles, papers, and books authored by PerfTestPlus staff. Each contains information that we believe is valuable and applicable to it's readers. Best of all, these papers are all free!

Being able to do a thing is a far cry from being able to explain it in writing. Explaining a task in writing requires that the author have a deep understanding of every step of the process and often leads the author to significantly enhance their own understanding of the task. This is one reason why PerfTestPlus encourages their employees to publish their best ideas.


Here you can find the slides for every public presentation every delivered by a member of the PerfTestPlus team. If you've ever seen a PerfTestPlus team member give a presentation at a conference, you'll find the slides (or an updated version thereof) here.

Unlike an academic setting, industry doesn't have a formal peer review process for new ideas. The closest things we have are industry conferences. PerfTestPlus encourages it's employees to present their innovations at conferences as an opportunity to have their innovations critiqued by others.

Affiliated Testing Organizations

PerfTestPlus only affiliates with highly ethical, well respected organizations that we share values with. When we find an organization like that, we support them to the very best of our ability. Interested in what organizations those are? Look here.

Books We Recommend

At PerfTestPlus we are always trying to grow and improve. On of the ways we do that is by reading what other's have published about topics of interest to us. We have been influenced by many software testers and experts in a variety of other fields. Some of these individuals written books that we feel can provide value to you as well. Find out which book those are on this page.

Testing Terminology

None of the software testing glossaries that have been proposed as an industry standard have achieved widespread acceptance by testers or development organizations. At PerfTestPlus, we have chosen to use the terms listed on this page based on their general usefulness. Each definition is credited to individual who either created or popularized it.

Performance & Software Testing Links

The Internet is just another rich source of information that members of the PerfTestPlus team learns from. The links on this page are some of our favorite soruces of testing related information.

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