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Testimonials About PerfTestPlus

“Scott Barber [CTO of PerfTestPlus, Inc.] is one of the very few real experts and practitioners in performance testing and analysis.  He combines experience and passion for the problems of performance with a very scientific approach that takes into account complex, but critical, performance affecting variables that are conveniently ignored by most practitioners (making their performance results about as reliable as horoscopes).  Scott’s body of work, publications, and presentations clearly demonstrate that he has done his homework, knows his stuff, and his results are going to give you uniquely clear and realistic insights and solutions for your performance needs.”

-- Alberto Savoia, CTO Agitar, Inc (Former Engineering Executive of Google and CTO of Keynote Solutions)

"Scott [Barber, CTO of PerfTestPlus, Inc.] combines technical knowledge, wisdom, high standards and good humor. I have full confidence in his services."

-- Cem Kaner, Ph.D., J.D. Professor of Computer Science and Author of best selling software testing books “Testing Computer Software”, “Lessons Learned in Software Testing” and “Bad Software.”

"I'm considered an expert software tester. But when I face a performance testing problem, the first thing I do is hit the speed dial for Scott Barber. He's a plain-spoken man who gets the job done. He is also the facilitator of the annual Workshop on Training Software Testers."

-- James Bach, founder and principal consultant of Satisfice, Inc., an internationally acclaimed software tester, teacher & speaker, and co-author of "Lessons Learned in Software Testing.". 

“Scott and PTP built our performance testing system and method from the ground up.  When he came in, we had no performance testing lab, and little performance testing experience.  By the time he left we had a working set of tests running in a fully outfitted lab, with a realistic plan, and compelling results to show our clients.  Throughout the engagement Scott helped everyday testing chores run smoothly and kept a positive attitude that was a pleasure to have in the building.”

-- Satisfied Client

“Every time I face something new… something I don’t know how to deal with while doing my job, I go to this website. Guess what… the answers always seem to be here!

Today I was surfing the website searching for something else and I found (accidentally) a good start for something I had no idea how to approach. We have some Agile projects here at Dell and I had no clue how to adapt our performance testing to fit on this model. Well, well… it happened that I found the articles from the series : An Explanation of Performance Testing on an Agile Team.

You are always a step (if not more) ahead of the market, which makes your site the most useful resource I have... outside of my team, of course. ;) Thanks!”

-- Walter Munstock, Performance Test Engineer, Dell, Brazil

“With just a couple of quick conversations, Scott and his colleagues were able to help us find a focus for building a new testing team from scratch. Their knowledge is top notch, and their enthusiasm infectious. We look forward to working with Scott and PerfTestPlus even more in the future.”

-- John McConda, QC Manager, Schawk Digital Solutions Group

"I have recommended PerfTestPlus to multiple clients and have received nothing but the highest feedback on their work and their people. That kind of feedback reflects positively on me and makes me all the more eager to recommend them in the future."

-- Mike Kelly, Software Testing Consultant, Author and Trainer

“Using Scott’s guidance and advice, I have been able to dramatically improve the services our performance testing team provides to the firm. His approach to performance testing is clear, straightforward, and gets results when implemented.”

-- Satisfied Manager, Fortune 500 financial services company

“Scott Barber has the incredible ability to distill the essential truths of performance testing into easily readable information that has helped many starting and even experienced performance testers. Let's be clear about this: Scott Barber has become one of the most-read and most respected Performance Testing experts not by just regurgitating "best practices" or following the herd. I am currently training a few new performance testers and I am using Scott's articles to explain some of the key issues in performance testing. I have not found other articles or books that convey so much solid information in such a compact form. As a member of the WOPR community, I have been (and will continue to be) exposed to Scott's passion for the performance testing field and his overriding desire to share his knowledge and insights.”

-- Roland Stens, Performance Testing Consultant, Author and Trainer

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