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PerfTestPlus Corporate Philosophy


PerfTestPlus doesn’t just want to help you and your project be a success, but to enable your project to continue successfully when we are gone. We’ve seen too many consultants demonstrate that improvement is possible and then leave their clients dependant on them achieve that improvement. We call that the "drug pusher" model (i.e. Give ’em the first dose for cheap/free knowing that they'll be back for more... and be willing to pay a hefty price to get it.) Needles to say, we don't want to be seen as pushers.

Aside from educating vs. pushing, our testing and consulting is heavily influenced by:

Specifically, we view our core service areas in the following manner:


ad·vise (d-vz) 1. To offer advice to; counsel. 2. To recommend; suggest. 3. Usage Problem. To inform; notify.

When we advise, we focus on advice, recommendations and suggestions that we believe will genuinely add value. At PerfTestPlus, we strive to avoid telling you what you already know or could easily find out on your own (which is what the definition refers to as a "usage problem"). We will always tell you what we think, especially when it's not what you want to hear. We will make every attempt to make recommendations and suggestions that we believe you can use and avoid the lofty, theoretical "should" advice. We'll never shy away from telling you if we don't know or helping you to get help from someone who does. On top if it all, we are committed to giving you our best advice, not the advice that is most likely to lead for more work for us.


con·sult (kn-slt) 1. To exchange views; confer. 2. Advise professionally.

When we consult, we are a collaborative part of your team. PerfTestPlus brings our skills and experience; we listen, learn and observe; we share, blend and innovate ideas; we roll up our sleeves and work with you to solve the tough problems and we step back and advise when we see an opportunity for improvement.

Unlike many others who call themselves consultants, PerfTestPlus understands that you know more about your particular project than we do. What we bring to your team is a breadth of experience across a large number of projects, a network of collaborators and advisors with even *more* experience that we never hesitate to consult ourselves and information about the newest ideas and implementations of old ideas in the industry.


ed·u·cate (j-kt) 1. To provide with knowledge or training in a particular area or for a particular purpose. 2. To stimulate or develop the mental growth of. 3. To develop the innate capacities of, especially by instruction.

PerfTestPlus enables our students to apply the instruction we provide on their own and maximize learning over maximizing entertainment, not-so-subtle marketing, fancy Powerpoint slides or future dependence on our services.


men·tor (mntôr) 1. To serve as a trusted counselor or teacher to (another person).

PerfTestPlus sees mentoring as the intersection between training and advising. When we mentor, we join a single person in their work environment with the intent of helping them do their job better. There are no classrooms, no pre-scripted lesson plans and no cheesy demonstrations or examples designed to make concepts look easier than they often are. Here we work together to implement ideas and concepts in real time, on your project, using the task that you'd be working on if we weren't there.


sup·port (s-pôrt, -prt) 1. To keep from weakening or failing; strengthen. 2. To provide for or maintain, by supplying with money or necessities.

PerfTestPlus will augment your team when what you really need short term assistance without having to spend weeks training them on the task that needs to be accomplished. We won't sell you experts then provide you with "dime-a-dozen" labor. Staff augmentation is not our core business, providing short term support is something we do to assist our clients and keep our skills sharp, meaning that we honestly have no interest in seeing how long we can extend our staff or seeing how many staff members we can get on your projects.

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