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Software Testing Support Services

PerfTestPlus staff and allies have a broad range of tester skills that they can bring to your organization when what you really need is someone to suppliment your team for a short time. Our support services are valuable to you because you know that you are getting highly qualified, name-brand services that you can count on. We get value out of providing support services because it broadens our experience and keeps us current with "life in the trenches". With our testing support services, what you get is:

  • a name-brand software tester who will walk in and start adding value almost immediately

  • someone who has real-life, project level experience with the task that you assign to them

  • someone who is used to working independently without needing to be micro-managed

  • confidence that whatever task you assign to them, will be accomplished promptly, professionally and painlessly

Unlike too many other companies that provide what is often termed "staff augmentation", PerfTestPlus won’t try to charge you for testing consultant when what you need is temporary additional assistance to execute a plan that you feel is appropriate and effective. It is our view, that you should pay only for the services that you receive, not for all of the services an individual could possibly provide.

PerfTestPlus consultants who provide support services:


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