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PerfTestPlus provides a variety of software testing professional services to companies that develop, purchase, use and/or evaluate software. We think about our services in terms of five categories Advise, Consult, Educate, Mentor and Support. Our consultants include industry recognized experts who typically deliver advising, consultating, educational and mentoring services within their specialty area, high quality testers who deliver educational, coaching and support services appropriate to their skills and experience and friends & allies who assist with delivery from time to time. This range of services coupled with the depth of skills and experience of our staff makes PerfTestPlus a helluva good place to start when you have software testing needs.

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PerfTestPlus will provide an expert to assess and advise you on various aspects of your software testing process, practice, management, effectiveness and/or objectives. PerfTestPlus has a wealth of client experiences and are believers in Context-Driven testing, which means that we focus on what is best for you and your company, not a set of mythical "Best Practices" that may or many not apply to your particular situation.


Our experts provide consulting services that defy the near ubiquitous notion that consultants “come in, look around, tell you what you already know and expect to get paid for it.” Instead, PerfTestPlus will provide expertise that your team lacks or don’t have access to. We believe that in most cases, we should start adding value on day one.


Our staff are expert practitioners trained in teaching software testing.  We offer Cem Kaner’s Black Box Software Testing course, Scott Barber’s performance testing courses, training classes on a variety of testing tools and approaches as well as custom courses to fit your needs.


PerfTestPlus provides one-on-one on the job training, advising and assistance. This hands-on approach to learning is not only extremely effective, but you don't have to take people off of the project to get trained.


When you need some extra help for a short time, PerfTestPlus is there for you. Whether you need a tester, a testing tool expert, a technical writer or someone to fill in for a manager who has applied for a much deserved vacation, we'll help you get the right person in and get right to work without breaking your budget.

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