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Different people learn diferently. Some people prefer to be taken out of their day to day routine and have concepts presented to them that they can go back and apply in their own way. Some like to read theory, some to watch videos and others to simply be instructed how to solve particular problems. Mentoring is for those who like to learn by doing, those who get the most out of simultaneous presentation and application of skills and theories in an immediately relevant environment. Specifically, one can expect the following from PerfTestPlus mentoring services:

  • undivided one on one attention from the mentor

  • introduction to software testing theories and practices deemed relevent to the context of the project by both the mentor and the student

  • demonstrations, hands-on practice and professional critiques of relevant testing techniques

  • lessons and practice sessions designed on-the-fly to help the student achieve their current project tasks and priorities

  • very high information transfer that the student starts applying before the mentoring session is complete and continues applying after the mentor leaves

PerfTestPlus mentors each have testing mentors of our own and believe that our interactions with those mentors significantly contributed to our skills as software testers. It is our intent to have a similar effect when we mentor as our mentors had on us.

PerfTestPlus consultants who provide mentoring services:


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