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Group Facilitation

Does your team find it challenging to reach decisions in meetings? Does it seem like everyone is speaking a different language? Are new ideas more likely to lead to arguements and hurt feelings than better solutions? Are you hosting a workshop or converence with highly interactive sessions? Maybe a trained facilitator can help.

PerfTestPlus facilitators are trained to apply the lessons taught by Sam Kaner, Jerry Weinberg and Virginia Satir to help groups achieve concensus, quickly identify the root of the issue at hand and communicate congruently & effectively.

In addition to simply being an outside facilitator, we can use a facilitation opportunity to train you or a member of your staff in the basics of group facilitation. We think you'll be pleasantly surprised at how much the effectiveness of your group is with facilitation.

Events PerfTestPlus consultants have facilitated recently:

  • Conference of the Association for Software Testing (CAST)

  • Workshop on Teaching Software Testing (WTST)

  • Software Test Manager’s Roundtable (STMR)

  • Software Testing in Financial Services workshop (STiFS)

  • Exploratory Testing Research Symposium (ExTRS)

  • Workshop on Heuristic and Exploratory Testing (WHET)

Consultants who provide group facilitation services:


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