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Performance, Load & Stress Testing

PerfTestPlus was founded by Scott Barber based on his Industry Leadership in the field he refers to as Software and Systems Performance Related Testing. Everyone who delivers Performance Related Testing services at PerfTestPlus understands and practices the principles set forth in Scott´s User Experience, not Metrics and Beyond Performance Testing article series´, uses UCML™ to create visual load models, takes a context-driven approach to planning and documentation, believes strongly in collaborative testing and tuning teams, are expert systems and data analysts and are masters with their load generation tools.

Our staff has experience with the following tools:

  • OpenSTA

  • Visual Studio Team System

  • WebLOAD

  • Silk Performer

  • Rational Robot

  • Load Runner

  • Countless custom or home-grown tools

What you can expect:

With PerfTestPlus, you won´t get confusing reports. You won´t get pressured into purchasing any particular tool. You won´t get statistically manipulated results to "prove" our testing led to the degree of performance improvement promised by some marketing flyer. What you will get is a consultant who understands systems, networks and software architecture, who understands how to decompose and recompose software systems to enable bottleneck exploitation and who knows how to work directly with your developers to collaboratively develop tests and analyze systems.

See our publications, presentations and testimonials for more information about our expertise in the area of Performance Testing.

The following consultants provide performance test services:


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