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Training Software Testers

A top tester isn't just someone who can find bugs. A top tester isn't even just someone who can develop a strategy to find bugs and lead a team in executing that strategy. Top testers have amazingly diverse skill sets that all contribute to their testing effectiveness. Every tester has a different set of skills and a different degree of knowledge & experience in each of those skills.

Skills PerfTestPlus consultants can help your develop:

  • Testing Techniques

  • Creating Oracles and Heuristics

  • Business Analysis and Business Process Modeling

  • Technical Writing

  • Conducting Technical Research and Experiments

  • Public Speaking

  • Software Architecture

  • Programming and Scripting

  • Risk Assessment

  • Return On Investment (ROI) Analysis

  • Networks and Networking

  • Data Storage and Databases

  • Statistical Analysis and other "Tester Math"

  • Intuitive and Meaningful Reporting of Test Data

  • Graphical Representation of Complex Information

These are the kinds of skills that are continually noted as what makes the difference between a good tester and a great tester -- PerfTestPlus can help your good testers along the way to becoming great!

The following consultants provide training services:


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