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Computer Assisted Testing

You may have noticed that we are not a reseller for any test automation tools. In fact, we do not have partnerships with any tool vendors. We do not advertise for any tools that cost our client money. That is because we don't believe that there is a universal best tool (other than your brain) for any aspect in testing.

Something else you may have noticed is that we don't talk much about "automated testing". That is because we believe that testing is thought engaged activity. In our collective experience, we have only seen completely automated testing add value in a few rare and unique circumstances. However, our staff absolutely loves to use software tools to enable computers to aid our testing efforts. What this means is that we look at tools as tools to empower testers to test better, not as robots designed to eliminate the need for human testers.

We have experience with an amazing number of free, pay and home-grown tools that we find valuable to enhance our ability to test effectively and efficiently. We can help you use your tools more effectively, we can help you choose tools that are right for you. We can put you in contact with others who are using your tool in a similar way, but at the end of the day, whatever tool(s) you choose/use, we probably have someone on staff or know someone who can help you make that tool sing.

Consultants who provide computer aided testing services:


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