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Web Site Optimization

Our web site optimization service is targeted for small businesses. PerfTestPlus can quickly assess a wide variety of performance, usability and search engine charactistics and report back to you with suggestions for improvements that will help you attract and retain visitors to your site. Once you receive our report you may choose to make some, all or none of the improvements yourself or contract us to take care of it for you.

We probably aren't the best choice if you need a web site designed from scratch, but we generally can decrease the download time of your site by 25% or more by spending 30 minutes or less per page optimizing the source code of your site while making no changes visible to users of the site.

We don't claim to be SEO experts, but some of our consultants are quite up to date with the key elements that search engines are currently rewarding and penalizing. If you'd like better rankings in the search engines, but don't have the time to keep up with SEO, don't want to pay a fortune and don't want to use gimmicks that may get you banned altogether, PerfTestPlus can help you out.

Web site usability is a technical art that many designers and developers overlook. Usability experts tend to be extremely expensive, but having a site that feels clumsy to your visitors might be even more expensive in the long run. PerfTestPlus offers you an alternative. We can help you achieve a balance of "good-enough" usability at a reasonable price.

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