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Software Testing Service Focus Areas


Within each of our core services, PerfTestPlus has identified several focus areas that align with the expertise of our consultants. While there is no requirement or presumption that your project fit into just one focus area - or even that it fit into a combination of them - we have found that they serve as effective conversation starters and useful tools to help us match our expertise with projects that will most benefit from that expertise.

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Load, Stress & Performance Testing:

In the entire software industry, the only phrase that is more often mis-used or mis-understood than these is "Use Case". For simplicity, PerfTestPlus refers to this broad category of testing as "Performance Related Testing". As the name of our company suggests, performance related testing was our first area of specialization when Scott Barber founded PerfTestPlus.

PerfTestPlus has a different focus in this area than most other companies that offer a performance testing service. For example; our only testing tool preference is that we have access to adequate tools to accomplish the job at hand; we follow an approach that starts and ends with the end user, but focuses on the system and it's sub-systems in between; we value intuitive presentations of data; and we believe strongly in collaborative testing and tuning teams.

Functional Testing:

A.K.A. Feature Testing, Systems Testing, Black Box Testing, etc. In this area we also include para-functional, non-functional and "-ility” testing (i.e. stability, usability, recoverability..). The underlying theme in all of these is "when people use this software, will it serve the purpose that it was designed to serve and will it meet the user's needs and expectations?"

PerfTestPlus has expertise in a wide variety of approaches to helping you answer those questions ranging from highly scripted, automated regression testing to freestyle, pair-wise exploratory testing. We believe that testing is a "scientific art" that is most effective when approached by a team with diverse experiences, complimentary areas of specialization and testing toolkits full of training, ideas, tools, utilities and people to call when things stop making sense.

Computer Assisted Testing:

You may have noticed that PerfTestPlus is not a reseller for any software testing tools. We do not have partnerships with any tool vendors. We do not advertise for any tools that cost our client money. That is because we don't believe that there is a universal best tool (other than your brain) for any aspect of software testing.

PerfTestPlus staff and alliances have experience with an amazing number of free, pay and home-grown software testing tools. We can help you use the ones you have, we can help you choose the one that's right for you. We can put you in contact with others who are using the test tool you have in a similar way, but at the end of the day, whatever test tool you choose/use, we probably have someone on staff or know someone who can help you make that tool sing.

Training Testers:

A top tester isn't just someone who can find bugs. A top tester isn't even just someone who can develop a strategy to find bugs and lead a team in executing that strategy. Top testers have amazingly diverse skill sets that all contribute to their testing effectiveness. Every tester has a different set of skills and a different degree of knowledge & experience in each of those skills. We can help testers develop and/or enhance their skills.

Testing Strategy & Management:

These days everyone seems to want some kind of process improvement, but what kind? Agile? RUP? CMMI? Scrum? ISO9001? XP? IEEE829? MilSpec? There has to be a correct one... doesn't there? Oh yeah, and while we're improving our process, who is going to cover for the Test Manager who just left while we find a replacement?

Sound familiar? Need someone to decipher all those acronyms? Better yet, would you like someone to help you build a process that actually makes sense for *your* team? Would you like someone to fill in as a Test Manager *while* they help you find a permanent replacement that has not only the skills you are looking for, but meshes with the personality of your team? Those are all things PerfTestPlus would be more than happy to help you with.

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